Highly Capable Teams

SECL has extensive experience with setting up and managing SPI and SPP&ID database and provides support to generate single reference database (Seed File) consisting of all templates. This enables enhanced standardisation and change management among the contractor’s.

We work on multiple CONTRACTOR packages within the project (FEED & EPC Phase) with the Lead Contractor, providing full support till the final database handed over to the client.

We develop strategies for database management and procedures to maintain the consistency throughout the project cycle.

We established communication between the CONTRACTORs and provide administrative and technical support to resolve issues to progress.

SECL SPI and SPP&ID database administration team is capable of modifying database structure and configuration remotely in order to maintain consistency with the other package contractors as required.

SECL manage and provide services to lead contractors to merge each package contractor’s SPI and SPP&ID database into a single instance for turnover to the client.

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