Review & Advisory Services

Project delivery

  • FEED &Third‐party package review and verification

  • Expert and Advisory support

  • Inter-discipline interface management

Operation & Maintenance

  • Troubleshooting and debottlenecking

  • Simplification and cost optimisation

  • Preparation of operation & maintenance procedures

  • Advice and support on strategies, objectives and Equipment efficiency studies and reports


All technologies

Multiflash thermodynamic modelling

Integrated production modelling (IPM), Subsurface to process

Olga/Ledaflow, steady state and dynamic

Linear programming (LP Modelling)


Reliability, Availability


Maintenance (RAM) Support

For improvement in Reliability, Availability & Maintenance support a detailed “As-Is” assessment will be carried supported by the appointed client Subject Matter Experts. The objective of this assessment is to establish a common understanding of the current situation across the client site, from which improvement plans will be built.

The output from this detailed assessment is a report documenting the current situation concerning Maintenance and Reliability performance and the identified gaps versus industry best practice. This then feeds into the development of improvement plans of the client Maintenance and Reliability improvement initiatives.

Routine Maintenance Assessment & Investigation

Routine Maintenance Assessment & Investigation

Routine Maintenance entire work process will be mapped to understand the key steps of:

  • Work identification

  • Prioritisation

  • Planning

  • Backlog Management

  • Scheduling

  • Execution

  • Closeout & Continuous Improvement

The mapped process is then compared to World Class Best Practices in order to identify specific gaps. Consultant will study the intended workflow of Plant Maintenance, with a view to ensure consistency with desired new processes and industry best practices.

Reliability Assessment and Investigation

Current reliability programmes and initiatives at client site will be mapped and reviewed to establish effectiveness and gaps versus best practice. This will be used as the basis for implementing world-class programmes covering:

  • Asset Care Programme

Development of optimal equipment care programmes

  • Defect Elimination

Robust programme to systematically eliminate sources of unavailability through root cause analysis of unexpected events and permanent resolution

  • Reliability Analytics

Overall strategy for driving reliability continuous improvement through monitoring and analysis of reliability indicators/data

EED &Third‐party package review and verification

Expert and Advisory support

Inter-discipline interface management