Turnaround Readiness & Lesson Learn Evaluation

Turnaround Readiness Assessment Pillars

  • Readiness Assessment methodology provide readiness status of the organization for upcoming TA

  • Each readiness pillar are measured according to the SECL developed check sheet and assigned red, amber and green status according to there preparedness

  • Provide contingency analysis to identify and prioritize risks which could cause increase in turnaround cost, duration, quality, and safety targets, and provide risk-based contingency plans to mitigate high risks to acceptable levels

Turnaround Readiness Assessment Example

Turnaround Close-out and Lesson Learn Assessment

  1. Review actual Turnaround results against planned performance

    • Duration

    • Cost

    • HSE and Quality (right first time, no leaks)

  2. Schedule and conduct interviews with key activity owners for pre-TA, TA, and post-TA

  3. Group session to capture lessons learnt, brainstorming and action plan development (O&M, inspection, engineering and contractors)

    • Brainstorming and SWOT analysis

    • Agree actions, prioritise based on impact and ease of implementation

    • Develop Action Plan with owners and due dates